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Sunday, September 03, 2006


A couple of days ago I drove up to the local supermarket with my wife, and we saw two sheriff's cruisers parked at the curb. The store manager was engaged in a conversation with them, and I speculated to the wife that it was probably a shoplifter. A few minutes later we were waiting in line to check out, and the manager who had been talking to the deputies waved us over to the register she had just opened up. I asked her about the incident, and she told us an amusing tale:

Two guys walked into the store, each walked out with a beer, and then to their car in the parking lot. After drinking the beer, they walked in again, took more, drank it at the car, etc. An off duty deputy was sitting in his car, parked in the spot next to them, and watched them do their thing . As they walked out the fifth time, the cruisers were waiting for them. An easy arrest. I cannot imagine anyone being very sneaky after pounding four beers...


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